Lent (2)

 Update on the zero caffeine situation.

Picture taken from Womans' Day

For the first couple of days, maybe 10, I was experiencing the most horrendous cravings, all the time, every day, every time I passed by somewhere serving or making coffee, someone holding a coffee, or of it was a time of the day I would have idealistically been holding a coffee myself. It. Was. Awful!

Because I am used to having my little dose of sweet caffeinated bliss at certain times of the day, my body was craving it, like some kind of beast, reaching from my inside out trying to grab what it was after. It left me with a kind of emptiness and I knew that the void could be so easily filled if I just gave in to the cravings. But you can’t! 

Along with the ache for the forbidden fruit, there came the headaches. I tend to get pretty bad headaches on a regular basis, but it’s the kind of thing you learn to ignore. Stress causes them, yet a lot of hypochondriacs who get them put them down to some chronic imaginary illness. This was something entirely other. It took me a while, but I’ve put these down to dehydration. Yeah, I know, weird right. But then when you think about it, I was drinking a tonne of coffee which is basically water with (delicious) murky brown stuff in it. Take that away and I really was only drinking about half a bottle and one glass of water a day. Not really that much. I had no idea.

There have been other “side-effects”, though in actual fact some of them are more beneficial than not.

I seem to have a bigger appetite and my metabolism has sped up a little. I think it’s because of the coffee but it could also be that I have also increased the amount of exercise I’m doing a little. Should probably have only changed one thing in my life to be absolutely sure, but hey! I definitely feel like I’m storing a little less pudge than I was before. So it’s all good!

Except for them damn cravings…


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