Perhaps look closer?…

There are a lot of awesome people in the world. Some you have to search for, others are right under your nose. But quite often, the ones who really change you are not the ones you would immediately expect.

In any given day a person might be able to predict roughly the number of people they will meet. They might even be able to predict exactly who those people will be. But would you ever expect one of those people to have a lasting impact on your life? The truth is, no one ever knows when the most profound moments of their life will occur, or who will be instrumental in creating them.

It might be someone you know, it might not. You could see a person every day for a year, or even 10 years, and never know their name or anything about them, other than the fact that they will be in the same place, at the same time, every time you expect them to be there. In the same way, this is all they know of you. And yet, in knowing this, you have created a relationship. There is a dependability in this person. The fact that they will still be as stoically fixed in routine as you are, a constant in a world which might otherwise be full of change.

But when that person fails to be there, what will you think? Will it be a profound moment of earth shattering revelation that nothing in life is certain, or will you simply forget, and let the spectral detail fade into a blur of cosmopolitan coloured memory?

The truth is, that we will never know. Everyone influences their environment and people are a part of that environment. Someone could encounter a thousand people a day with all of them merely brushing the fabric of their life, adding to the colour of it but never really changing it. All it takes is that one person out of a thousand to completely alter the course of your life. It doesn’t even have to be a full on collision, just  rub past with enough friction to leave their mark.

So, in a decade or two or three, if you, who are reading this, think back and try to trace the route taken to get to wherever you might be, just think; whatever happened to that person I used to see every day? …

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It’s Not All Doom and Gloom for KPOP Body Image

**This is a piece I wrote about a month ago, sorry it’s a tiny bit outdated, but I don’t feel it really makes a difference. Enjoy! :)**

There may be hope for the KPOP body image after all – but it’s a Secret!

I previously commented (extensively) how disgustingly thin some Hallyu stars are. Well Now I’m going to flip the coin.

That’s right, despite my rhetoric; there is a positive side to that argument! Amazing, I know.

As I said before, not every female in the industry is invisible side-on. There are those who are of a more voluptuous persuasion or at the very least, bear some semblance of a human figure.

Now I’m not back-tracking entirely – there are still a shocking number of women I feel are falsely representing beauty – but, credit where credit is due.



SECRET, another girl band, is one of the few exceptions in a weight loss obsessed culture. They are all voluptuous girls, with real curves to be proud of, at a healthy weight. They have had some plastic surgery, but when they look that confident and sexy, in complete contrast with their peers, who cares!?

They have, of course, got one that might be considered “the thin one”, but surprisingly, when she was young, she was far from the glamorous svelte form she boasts now. She was a tubby youngster, but after setting out to become a pop star she decided to start eating right and exercising regularly, and look at her now – stunning, slim and best of all, healthy.



To be honest, this is a bit of a disappointment to me. I don’t think she will take it too far in order to be in line with rivals such as T-ara and Kara, but I was proud of her for being just that tiny bit larger than the other girls. It suited her bubbly personality and allowed her to be coined “The Korean Beyonce”, thanks largely to her impressive curves.

She was one of those girls who not only pulled off curvy, she owned it! With an hourglass figure she had the sort of body I envied, and wished I had the confidence and physique to pull it off with such style.

At 8 ½ stone, she was hardly big at any rate! In terms of Body Mass Index (BMI), the scale used to measure if a person is a healthy weight, that would place her exactly within her healthy margin in accordance with her height. But now she is endeavouring to slim down her thighs and cheeks. The question now is whether she will still be able to pull off those super sexy dance moves with the same flavour.

The rapper of their group Zinger, was told at one point that she was too fat and had to lose weight. And would you know it – she refused! She stood true to her curvy form and said no! She looks fantastic, a little powerhouse with boobs and a bum and sas and an attitude to match. She too is very tiny so her explosive personality would be out-of-place in some stick thin wisp of a woman. Besides, could you really take some cocktail stick seriously if she was spitting rhymes?

So here I have a little message for SECRET (as if they are actually ever going to read this – especially since I’m pretty sure none of them can read or speak English lol)

Basically what I’m saying is, SECRET, you all look fantastic, you are all gorgeous women and if there were more with your confidence to pull of the “real women” look, the world would be a better place. You are an inspiration to women who want to accept their shapes regardless of external pressures and simply be comfortable with themselves. Women are not all perfect mannequin shapes, and to maintain such a figure takes an unrealistic effort. Keep doing what you’re doing and I look forward to seeing what you come out with next.