SUPER JUNIOR – “Sexy, Free and Single”

First, there was Sorry Sorry. Then, there was Bonamana. Most recently, we had Mr. Simple. And now, they have come back once again.

That’s right, SM E’s man band have returned, with the Supermen of Super Junior dropping their new track Sexy, Free and Single.

Super Junior, Sexy, Free and Single

Super Junior, Sexy, Free and Single

Released on 2nd July 2012 the video has already devoured almost 2.2 million hits on YouTube as well as thousands of comments.

Now ladies, I know what you’re all thinking; Sexy, Free and Single? If only it were all true! We have known for some time that funny man dancing lead Shindong is engaged to his girlfriend and other member have been linked to celebrity lady friends. For example, it was strongly suggested a few months ago that the gorgeous and multi-talented Donghae was dating, as well as the continents favourite man candy Siwon. While none of these, bar Shindong, were ever confirmed, they broke the hearts of thousands of women with the allegations, however joking, and admittances of previous love affairs with unnamed women.

But all is well! As this song seems to profess, they are all up for grabs, and even if we have no confirmation on their relationship status, it seems to make no difference in the eyes of their admirers as the boys break out with yet another excellent dance track.

They are continuing their run as a 10 member group, with the effeminate and outspoken Heechul having left for military service in September of last year. However, April has seen the return of member Kangin, who now returns from his own stint in the military, marking the end of a three year hiatus. How Elfs react to him reclaiming his place on the Super Throne remains to be seen, but initial reaction and hype appears positive.

Sexy, Free and Single is a dance track with a flavour of R&B. The combo is not uncommon in KPOP but has been particularly successful for Super Junior, who use their superb dance skills and smooth, mature style to deliver a sophisticated and sexy performance.

The head-bopping cool of the track works to the tone of each member, rapper and sub-vocalist Eunhyuk delivering a particularly impressive middle verse, reinforced by the more melodic tones of Donghae and Yesung.

The whole thing is topped off by injections pure Super Junior talent with the trademark sounds of power vocalists’ Yesung, Reowook and baby of the group Kyuhyun maintaining a level of ballad pop and soul throughout that no Super Junior song could ever be without.

The result is a polished song and interesting sound. However.

Yes, I’m sorry to break it, but it is not without its faults. Nothing major, but what kind of review would this be if a couple of holes weren’t picked in it?

While the sound is a polished and electronic hit, of the sort we have come to expect from SM Entertainment following the recent exploits of F(x) and EXO, it is a little samey. There is no significant difference between this and what we might expect to hear from their last album Mr. Simple (which you can buy here). They could be from the same disc.

As for the styling and the video, again, there have been some errors. One of the scenes is almost identical to the main scene used in their own mega-hit Bonamana and while that might have worked once, re-using sets so entirely seems a little repetitive and, forgive me, lazy.

Sexy, Free and Single

Look familiar to anyone?

Anyone have a Mirror Mirr

Their starting scene is reminiscent of one used by 4Minute in their video for Mirror Mirror, but they restyle it with their own distinct look.

The final mistake that is begging to be commented on is – what the hell are they wearing!?

At times it has to be questioned if their stylist had ever seen clothes before. Or had any kind of exposure to the media… Or ever seen anything that was not a horror movie!

Several of the neck pieces by-passed being reminiscent of bondage and went straight to paying some sort of homage to Hannibal Lector! Leader Leetuk in particular seems to have suffered at the hands of the stylist-from-hell and seems never to be free of bondage-like apparatus throughout the video; his displeasure for which seems apparent in the fact that he never smiles in the video.

Unhappy leader Leetuk in bizarre bondage

The look was saved by some wise choices and thoughtfully individual styling for each member for much of the vid, their individuality shinning. Not an easy feat in a 10 member group. Suave sophistication was also well executed in a series of tailored black suits.

So, we have reached the final word.

Overall, I would say this is a great track and one that I immediately liked, as I am sure fans will too. Far too often recently it has taken several listens before a songs hook has really drawn me in, the exceptions being SHINee, Sherlock, F(x), Electic Shock and BIGBANG, Monster. The new, mature vibe and chilled tone suits their age – they are no longer trying to pretend they are still competitors with the youngsters currently dominating the market. They have reached the level of maturity currently occupied by idol favourites Shinwa. But as the recently returned supergroup have also proved, they are not nearly ready to be put on the shelf yet.

Even the dance has a relaxed limber to it, using moves that show that they are talented; they just don’t necessarily have to break themselves to prove it.

In a nutshell, despite being a little more similar to their old stuff than I would have liked, Super Junior have yet again pulled it out the bag, proving once again why they deserve to keep their pop King crown.

Super Junior, Sexy, Free and Single


Support them by buying their new CD here



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