Creative Coffee

coffee tattoo!!

Tattoos and coffee… what do they have in common?

Well, thanks to one creative barista, they are now both a physical part them – as they have recreated their tattoo design in their coffee froth!

I have been entertaining my coffee addiction by investigation the wonderful world of “creative coffee”. Facebook is a veritable gold mine for this kind of thing 😀

Now, I would love to think that they created the design on the coffee then thought, hey you know what would make a great tattoo… but something tell me that may be wishful thinking 😉  It would certainly be an interesting tale to tell your tattoo artist. Interesting reference for the pic as well 😀 I wonder what they would say if you turned up and handed them a cup of coffee saying here, draw this on me oh talented ink bearing person! 😀

This was just something that pooped up on my Facebook page from Fixx Coffee and thought was pretty cool. Combining two of my favourite things – art and COFFEE – seemed like something I should share with all you lovely people. I have no idea what the story behind the tat or the design is.

Fixx Coffee are currently running a competition (which you can enter HERE), into which this picture was entered, inviting you to “showcase your coffee art creations and take center stage“, the winner being featured on the Fixx Coffee Facebook page as well as receiving cash prizes. Not bad for a bunch of caffeine freaks, right? 😉



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