Karl Lagerfeld – Defying Pretension

Karl Lagerfeld

“If you have the chance to buy what you want, to afford expensive things, buy them; but use them the way you use things from the supermarket. If not, that’s not luxury; it’s pretension, boredom, stiff, old, depressing even, no? If you wear a sable coat, use it like a raincoat.”

– Karl Lagerfeld, January 1994.

This is what i want to hear more of in the fashion world – taking the pretension out of high fashion without retracting from what makes it special. Karl Lagerfeld seems to have an appreciation of things people might find valuable in the sense that he doesn’t just want them to be hidden away for the exclusive view of the exclusive few. It seems he would prefer for beautiful things to be reveled in.

While this may seem a little hedonistic, it is a refreshing attitude. Even though he said this almost 20 years ago, I sincerely hope he has not lost this outlook.

Too often in the past the fashion world has pedestaled itself with sky-high prices that the everyday citizen could never hope to afford. A designer jacket might cost more than a months wage, two, three even!

Designers have created their godly image with the unattainable prices, breathtakingly beautiful models and regaling their awestruck public with outlandish and often shocking tales of catwalk horrors and celebrity scandals. The reputation of the fashion world has been built on the idea that it is better than what most people can have, a rare and precious commodity.

But Lagerfeld contests this. He is showing here an appreciation for beautiful or valuable or expensive things and encouraging us to immerse ourselves in them when we have the chance. In life, was should grasp the opportunity to wrap  ourselves in precious things. If fashion is as temporal as the seasons they are in favour for, them surely Karl Lagerfeld is right and we should revel in anything we deem “luxury”, instead of succumbing to the fear that it might suddenly disappear.

“I love nothing permanent and definite”


2 thoughts on “Karl Lagerfeld – Defying Pretension

    • i know, i saw those two comments and thought, wow, here is a man who has vision and who sees the world as more than a place to mingle with celebs. he wants to use his skills to make art and have it represent something and be enjoyed, as well as being fashionable 🙂 glad you liked it! 😀

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