Muppet Cupcakes vs. The Humble Fairycake

Innocent Smoothies on Facebook.

These appeared in my Facebook feed – and I am so glad they did!

I love that little bit of magic in an artfully created cupcake. While super pretty cupcakes sometimes look too good to eat, it shows that care and effort have been put into making them. Respect to the person who loves cake enough to turn it into a project of sugary sculpture! 😀

Not that cupcakes like these are made with any more love than your basic, school feté fairycakeone should never knock a good fairycake – , more just that they have been molded with more deft fingers 🙂 Nothing beats that feeling of sheer, child-like joy of watching the pasty cake batter rise and become crisp and golden through the little window in the oven. No-one ever forgets the impatient buzz of anticpation that comes from that little muffin-top rolling gently over the top of it’s colourful paper case, nor the waft of freshly baked goodness, so thick you can practically taste it in the super heated air wafting around your face as you “check” those paper cases of joy.

It’s the pride that you made them yourself that prevents you caring when they smell so much better than they taste.

I think cake art is a skill and is often under-appreciated. I know it’s maybe not exactly an art-form, but it does take a degree of creative prowess to sculpt something so pretty out of icing, doncha think?? 🙂

So never give up on the humble fairycake – they may taste more like the paper they come in than actual cake, or perhaps sometimes a bit like raw egg, but they are an important part of a child’s life. They are a right of passage and an important stepping stone before we take that final step to the Muppet Cupcake.



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