Spicy Vegetable Soup (optional: with Herb Dumplings)

Ready for a super easy soup recipe?

Why is it so easy, you ask? Well, because nothing is definite in it. It’s all subject to change according to what you like, which makes it perfect to make for yourself, or if you are having guests – just tailor it to what suits! 🙂 When I made it I changed a few of the original ingredients, partly because I preferred alternatives and partly… well, because I was a derp and read the ingredients wrong… and was left without the curry paste… which was silly considering it says spicy in the title… So I had to improvise. But it all worked out perfectly so it’s fine 😀

I decided to go more or less vegetarian about 8 months ago. It wasn’t for any particular reason, I just sorta went off meat. However, I do enjoy a chicken rogan josh from my local Indian, the Taj Mahal, on weekends though – seriously, the most tasty thing IN THE WORLD!!

So instead of making a Spicy Chicken and Veg soup, as the recipe suggested, I decided to go for this option. It was partly in an effort to prove to my highly skeptical dad that “rabbit food” is tasty too. Because he is an idiot and does not believe me 😛 But, you could add chicken or even beef if that’s what you like – go with what you feel!

Also, don’t get bogged down in measurements. The great thing about soup is that anything goes – if you like peas more than carrots, go wild! Loving that asparagus? Why not throw some in?!? 🙂

So here it is, my Spicy Vegetable Soup with (optional) Herb Dumplings!!

You might need:


1     large ONION (chopped)

1/2     large CARROT/s (peeled and sliced)

1     small SWEET POTATO (cut into pieces)


quarter mug   PEAS and  SWEETCORN

quarter mugMIXED PEPPERS (chopped)

2     mugs of WATER

1     tablespoon OIL (to fry veg)

1     vegetable stock cube

1     teaspoon of CURRY PASTE (more if you like it hot!!!!!) (or, do what I did and mix your own curry paste, using TUMERIC, GARRAM MARSALA, CUMIN and a tiny bit of CHILI POWDER and GARLIC 🙂 )


not entirely necessary, I only made them to impress my parents – I cheated and used a “just add water” (and a pinch of dry basil) packet mix from the supermarket that takes two minutes to make. Seriously. 😀

but just incase you want to try them yourself…


1     mug SELF-RAISING FLOUR (plain won’t work, dumplings will be solid)

half mug     SUET

1     teaspoon CORIANDER or BASIL

1     EGG & WATER (to mix up to one cup)


1.     Chop all veg and heat oil in large saucepan. Fry the onions until soft (but not BROWN!!). Add the potatoes and carrots and cook for approx 1 minute, or until quite soft. (Don’t panic if this takes a little longer, it might if you have quite a lot of ingredients.

2.     For this step, transfer to a POT instead of SAUCEPAN if you feel there is too much oil or the pan is not very deep.

Add the stock cube, curry paste, water and tin of tomatoes (usually supermarkets stock tins the correct volume already – yay for efficiency!). Add pinch of salt/pepper if to taste. Leave to simmer gently while “making” the dumplings 😉

3.     If you choose not to make the dumplings, then – congrats, you’re done! Not even joking, kick back and chillax til dinner, or heat it up, grab a bowl, and chow down!

Serves: 4     Prep Time: approx 30-40 mins     Suitable for Vegetarians

Simple, healthy and delicious, as well as quick to make. The potato, of whichever kind you prefer adds thickness, while the choice of veg make it flavourful and fresh, as well as personal to the makers taste. I added the peppers and lots of spices because I love all hot food. Served piping hot, this definitely fits the bill.

If you give it a bash, let me know and tell me what variations you tried – I’d love to make it again differently 😀

What I used…

chopped goodies 😀

Happy bubbling pot… 😀

This was the size of my sweet potato… yeah. bloody HUGE!

All the extra potato… there should be more, really… 🙂



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