Alcocholic Cupcakes!!!!!

New craze for cupcake cocktails – caketails – sweeps London, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire | Mail Online.

Alcoholic cupcakes from Molly Bakes

That’s right – some crazy cats have created cocktail cupcakes!!

Continuing my apparent obsession with weird and wonderful baked goods, I found these for your viewing pleasure.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It was always going to happen. A mixture of cocktail and cake is to combine two delectable goodies, neither consumed as anything more than a cheeky treat. Everyone feels a little bit naught tucking into a huge, colourful, iced cupcake. We all know that little flutter when you take that first tiny lick at the swirly icing sitting temptingly on top, begging you to give in and devour it, damn the care and effort it took to make and to hell with the calories!

It is the same with a cocktail. After perusing a menu filled with ambiguous titles full of promises they could never really fulfill, you watch the waiter twist and shake that silver maker. They add a splash of this, a dash of that, before the heady mixture is decanted into a fancy and utterly impractical glass with a dramatic flourish. It is presented to you as if part of a great event, decorated with all manner of superfluous things, like sparklers and miniature umbrellas; and you grin like a kid at Christmas because it is a magical thing and you wouldn’t drink it any other way.

As the article (linked at the top of the page!) from the Daily Mail states, there are in fact several places that sell these  cocktail cupcakes in all varieties. They are bakery bars in a way, the only cake shops where it is acceptable to be asked for ID 😀

Mocktail versions are available of course, for those less partial to a tipple but still a sucker for a pretty little sweet thing with a silly name. The amazing thing is, that despite alcohol itself being so expensive compared to your average soft drink, these cupcakes are priced the same as the average “designer” cupcake. Great, i’ll take 6! 😀

The link tells you where to buy/order them if you live in the UK, but their origins are apparently to be found in the good ol’ U S of A. On behalf of the world, we thank you for your baking ingenuity!

Which do you prefer – Cocktail Cupcake, or Mocktail Cupcake?



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