Weekly Writing Challenge: Never Underestimate the Price of Silence

We should never underestimate the price of silence. Silence is by nature, empty. It is the very most basic, expressionless, non-existent thing known to man.

Or is it??

They say that there is no sound in space, because there is nothing there for the molecules to bounce off of and create the noises that our ears pick up; but rather than making that the most gaping and vacant, miserable expanse of nothingness, I rather think that might make it the most peaceful place I could ever imagine being.

It took Hollywood directors so much effort to find a place of complete silence, that they often refuse to re-create it for each film. That’s right; they buy it from the guy who “recorded” it, sometimes paying thousands for a 30 second clip. Never has there been such a perfect capturing of utter quiet on earth – without totally removing sound, that is.

Because the world in complete mute is unearthly. People do not like to feel that they are alone. Even the sound of your own breathing is enough to make a person feel that there is enough life left that hope still exists.

And yet, achieving the stillness, the motionless existence, the utter suspension of all things around you that make up what in each individuals eye constitutes the correct level of “silence”, is obscenely difficult.

For NASA, nothing less than that place so deep within the heart of SPACE, is silent enough. For Hollywood, there is no more natural nor inimitable a silence than the one found in the desert.

For myself, the perfect silence comes when I am alone in my house. The only sounds are the ones I make. There are no voiced, in this silent domain of mine. There might be the ratt-a-tatt-tat of my fingers as they tap out something like this, or perhaps something for Uni, or a message to a friend. More often, there might be the crisp swish, as a page in a book is turned, a crackle, as the page falls into place on top of its predecessor. There are no voices, in my silence, nor snores, nor televisions blaring nonsense at me.

We all find pockets of solace in different ways. But in order to achieve such peace, one might have to battle long and tragically hard to win over the domain that is; the comfiest seat in the house.

We should never underestimate the price of silence.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Never Underestimate the Price of Silence

    • thank you so much 🙂 it’s a picture of the skyline of Seoul. i’d love to go some day. i had a look at the photography on your site and there are some truly stunning images there 🙂 you’re so lucky, you seem to get to see some astonishing natural sites

      • vastlycurious.com says:

        Thank you ! I have so many shots of the world but so little time, plus the quality of some of the photography here is a bit daunting!! Thanks for saying hey!

  1. true. I need a bit of silence each day to unwind. But if I can get a moment alone by a babbling brook, that also counts as silence for me because it give inner silence.

    (by the way, I found you thru the Daily Post weekly blog challenge post)

    • that sounds so lovely 🙂 silence to me isn’t about what is around you, more that it’s the inner silence you get from having a peaceful environment. in today’s world it can be so hard to find that amid all the craziness and rushing around us… especially when you don’t live alone XD

      thanks for having a look!! 🙂

  2. trishworth says:

    I enjoyed reading this piece about silence. I’m having a silent week myself; the people who live with me are busy living their lives outside of this house, so I have it to myself most of the time. Actually, right now, it’s not completely silent here because it’s a windy day and tree branches are scraping the windows now and then. There’s also the quiet fan blowing in this computer and the tapping of the keys. I usually handwrite during the day, scratching my fountain pen softly across pages.
    Great work, and well done for taking up the challenge.

    • that sounds heavenly! i’ve always found some odd kind of comfort in writing by hand. sometimes using a machine just feels too cold, not organic enough. it’s like the way that it feels nice to hold a book and to feel the pages as you read them and smell the paper – you get to feel the words as you write them.

      thank you so much for this description, i’m loving that people are getting involved and contributing their own thoughts! 🙂 hope you keep enjoying!! 😀

    • agreed, i think trying to find a little cubby hole of peace in a house, especially if you live with people, is a mission deserving of the reward! 😀 i know i won’t really find any silence til late at night, around 2:30-3:00am, when everyone else is in bed and my house is mine to roam alone 🙂

  3. i liked your post i likie silence I spend alot of time alone due to aspergers but do get out and about quite a bit silence is fine if you are comfy with it sometimes watching tv it can be lonely not to share what you are watching although obviously not silent if watching tv but you know what i mean !!
    If you with someone that you feal comfortable with you dont mind silence it is not awkward but some times if not comfy you feel the need to fill the space with pointless drival leave you in peace now happy blogging x

    • it’s not pointless drivel, you cared enough to post it so it means something, and i’m glad you did 😀 i totally understand what you mean, i think it’s the sign of a good friendship if you can sit in complete silence and for it to be not awkward 🙂 if you have to fill the space with meaningless noise, are you really enjoying being there?

      i hope you are enjoying the blogging experience if you don’t often spend time with people – it can be a really great way of talking to someone without having to do it face-to-face 🙂 if you fancy a chat, i have a mild interest in most thing, so look me up!! 😀 xx

      • oh thanks will do that just found out this by accident !! slowly getting used to this blogging business and enjoying it as you said good to get your feelings out and is avaliable constantly thanks got a busy day tomorrow going to birmingham !! which is causing a bit of stress but will go through with it as got ticket people like you are a great help thanks

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