Goodbye David, Cousin, Bro

Cousin David... Modeling a stolen hat... MY stolen hat...

Cousin David… Modeling a stolen hat… MY stolen hat…

From this title you might think I was lamenting the passing of a dear relative.

Well… you’d be half right. If by passing you meant, passing across the North Atlantic Ocean.

See, my big cousin David is going to see as a trainee Marine Engineer for a few months. he’s a pain in the ass, can be over emotional at times and obsessive as hell… But I wouldn’t change a thing about him. The guy is one of my best friends and it was only in the past few hours that he actually discovered when he was leaving – tomorrow morning he flies to his new home in the big ol’ US of A for four months.

Since it was such short notice I haven’t been able to see him before he goes, so this is my wee present to him before he buggers off to sunnier places without me – spreading a big picture of his face, wearing my hat, on the internet, for anyone who might be interested or stumble across it by accident.

So here you go David, I love you enough to dedicate a whole 5 minutes typing this little goodbye to you. Don’t expect me to say anything soppy or emotional about how much I’m going to miss our walks, how I don’t know who I’m going to pester now that I won’t have my big cousin to annoy, how I’m going to miss having a big brother around and going back to being an only child for a bit. I certainly won’t be saying how it sucks that you’re leaving but how you may never understand quite how proud I am of you that you’ve followed this path and found that niche that makes you happy, and are honing skills that you are already so good at. How I’m not the only one who’s proud of you – you know who else is, and though I may not be religious, I have every faith that that person will keep you safe at sea.

No, that’s not my style.

You had so better come back in one piece or I’m going to destroy you, understand??


See ya David, have a safe/exciting/educational/awesome/sunny/once-in-a-lifetime-oh-my-goodness-so-amazing trip!




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