Natty Heart Designs: Custom Jewellery

Natty Heart Designs.

Another little gem I thought I’d share from the Little Birds Market.

Natty Heart are a small business run, in fact, by the sister of the lady who runs the market – clearly loveliness and a creative streak runs in the family! 😀

Natty Heart specialise in one thing – ultra personal jewellery. They use an unusual mixture of metals to create designs you’ve never seen before. Silver, copper and brass are combined to create an alluring warmth in their custom necklaces. They link together a mix of disks, hoops, squares and jewels, all customised for maximum impact in your unique design.  I thought that was a really good idea, because think about how often you go into a shop and think “…jeez, that’s too gaudy, but I’d wear it if it didn’t have X on it...” You get exactly what you want this way, with expert advice.


Personalised messages can be printed on them along with super cute little symbols to link each piece to whatever special date you are getting it for. Whether that’s a birthday, an actual birth (I don’t really like kids myself but ohmygoodness seeing a tiny little foot printed on a necklace is adorable!!), a Graduation, wedding, a particularly successful shopping trip whereby a stunning custom necklace was purchased from Natty Heart Designs… whatever! Hell these are so pretty I would get one to celebrate a tea biscuit being dunked without crumbling! Coz that’s reason of course… a totally… legit reason… to buy jewellery… 😛 Actually they do love hearts, maybe it would be better as a thanks for a really good hug… Yeah, that’s also a legit reason to go shopping…

Jokes aside, messages and quotes can mean so much to people and one that has been carefully considered, chosen specifically to reflect the person being gifted, then handmade, is always going to be something super special.

Natty Heart saw fit to gift me with my very own one of these.















The back disk of the necklace. Oscar Wilde quote...

The back disk of the necklace. Oscar Wilde quote…

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple…”

Oscar Wilde

The quote is one of Oscar Wilde’s most famous and most poignant. As a total fangirl for the man it breaks my heart that I will never be able to listen to those words spoken by the golden tongue of the man himself, but this stunning bespoke necklace more than makes up for it! Til they invent a time machine to take me back to hear it for myself. At which time I will gift this necklace to Oscar Wilde.

To me this quote is extremely important in terms of my beliefs. I do not believe in black and white but I do believe in the importance of truth. Yet, with such diversity, and collusion of even the most simple ideas, what is a fact to one person may not necessarily be to another. Everything has layer upon layer of meaning. Make a decision. Now consider why you made that decision. Then think a little more carefully about it. I guarantee the more you think something over the more complex even the most simple and apparently transparent detail of your understanding will become.


If you are looking for something a little more thematic and playful, you don’t have to make the difficult decision of what to put on the disk; they can also print images, like Alice in Wonderlandeat me” versions and Marie Antionette let them eat cake” ones too. Or if you are feeling “lucky” they can compile adorable Lucky Bags – like the ones you’d get for being good when you were little, except shinier 😀

Natty Heart have only been running for 8 months but are planning to expand to an Etsy store soon, which is great because then it will be even easier to access their beautiful goodies!

So basically what I’m saying is, the Little Birds Market has struck again, and this time it has deposited a shining silver disk bound in purple ribbon through my door. This is something I will treasure for the rest of my days. A gift this perfect and personal is worth the effort put into its creation – because it is a creation. It is the sweet product of a sentimental idea.

Prices start from £10.

Here’s a wee selection of some of Natty Hearts stuff 🙂 more on Facebook of course, these are just a few of my faves 🙂





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