Radio Show Glasgow Adventure Time

Hey Hey Guys!!

Today has been a good day.

I had my first ever Radio Show, What’s Up With Gem?, on, I got some life changing news and I saw (potentially) the love of my life. Yeah, y’all heard it! I’m making it  more than FBO; I’m taking that s**t to the BLOG!!

Just a wierd man playing a violin while walking a tightrope. Standard in Glasgow

Just a wierd man playing a violin while walking a tightrope. Standard in Glasgow

So today I have a lot to be thankful for. It all started this morning, early (too early for my student brain to get it’s tiny little temperament around, if I’m honest). My doctor gave me the news I’ve waited 106 days to hear. I literally skipped down the corridor from his office with glee that would make McKinley High School proud.

Then I got an email from Scotcampus (shout out, by the way!! Follow them dudes on twitter!!) saying that they would like to meet me for an interview for an internship! At a magazine! A real one, not just one that is online! I was about this excited last time this happened, with Source Magazine pity that one didn’t quite go as planned…

Then I had my first show on Radio Caley! Well wasn’t that something! Honestly, it was great. I’ve been on the radio before but I have never hosted my own show. Now, I have one every Tuesday! On my way to Uni (where the studio is) I passed by a girl busking. But she wasn’t just busking. Oh no, she was busking my first song!! FLEETWOOD MAC, GO YOUR OWN WAY!! This lovely lady was playing it 🙂

Lovely Busking Lady

Lovely Busking Lady

I saw a man playing a violin while on a tightrope… so that was a thing… (see above) Pretty standard practice on Buchannan Street, to be fair…

I bumped into an old friend on my way to the studio (which was lovely) then I got to present my show with one of my best friends as a guest, which was such a relief! He’s far more technically minded than me and fixed all my little (*ahem* potentially disastrous *ahem)* technical hitches without a thought. Which I absolutely wouldn’t have been able to do without him. Because I am so technically challenged it’s legendary. ( The tech guys in uni won’t let me borrow equipment without a tutors’ say… I try, guys, I really do…)

On the show there was a major topic I wanted to discuss. For the past 4 years I’ve been heavily involved in the Mental Health services of Scotland, mainly as a patient, but also as a volunteer. It’s a subject close to my heart because it’s affected not only me, but my family and friends, as an extension. I’ve been going through what my dad describes as “a little blip”, but what my psychiatrist would probably call “the reason he has a job“.


I’m not sure I’m 100% comfortable revealing exactly what I’ve been going through, but I’ve hinted at it in previous posts. My point is, though, that this is Mental Health Awareness Month an I am a survivor. I’ve been through the worst (twice) and now, look. I survived. I’m back at Uni. I’m (hopefully) going to be interning at a magazine. I’m on the radio. There were only 5 listeners but still! That’s 5 people who I hope have been enlightened a little bit, amused, heartened or even just mildly entertained. If one of those 5 got any kind of enjoyment or education from my heartfelt statistics, then I consider that, job done.

What could have, and with my luck might well have, been a catastrophic black hole of a day, was actually something rather wonderful. I’m cherishing this day because there are so few like it for me. There are so few days when things actually go relatively to plan. So often there is something that plagues me, that s**ts all over everything, no matter how hard I try. I neglect self care because if I don’t love myself, then I can’t be disappointed when I receive no love in return.

Keeping it real

Keeping it real

I don’t seek attention, I seek to attend to others. But now, maybe it’s my turn. Maybe I will get the chance to be happy. So I’m going to work hard to make that happen.



7 thoughts on “Radio Show Glasgow Adventure Time

  1. cristinaburcus says:

    Hello 🙂 It’s me…Ra Cristina Burcus from Facebook 🙂 Congrats for the radio. I’m so happy for you! What do you mean you don’t get love?! You sound like an amazing person!!!! Your blog looks super nice and hey girl…stay strong! You know…when we have the impression that everything goes wrong it is only because everything will go amazingly well after. My dad has a saying and he always tells me this when I stress about life: choose a drawer for each problem. When the time comes, open the drawer and solve the problem. If it’s not time yet, let it hang in there but close it inside and make sure it will only come out when its time has come. I am not pretending to know what you are going through as I’m only starting to read your journey but I do wish to send you lots of love and positive energy! xoxoxo

    • Hey!! glad to see you on here! 🙂 hope you liked my little adventure 🙂 i mean that, because i like to see people happy and i like to help people, it’s gotten to the stage where a lot of the time, people just expect it of me, but i get nothing in return. i’m not looking for attention and i’m not looking for people to do anything for me, but i sometimes wish someone would give me a break from time to time. i seem to spend most of my life doing things for other people and telling myself that’s making me happy, but it’s not, really. this year, i’m going to focus on making ME happy. I’ve had a helluva 4 years. i think i’ve earned a couple of months to have some hobbies, to travel a bit, even just to chill out! will you come on this journey with me?? 🙂

      • cristinaburcus says:

        Absolutely!!! Count on me! You deserve a break and you do need to focus on you! So yes, I will be here with you! ❤️

      • Thank you! you are such a sweetheart! i’ll follow you and we can follow each others adventures! 🙂 i’m just really tired. i think it’s time i took a little break. it’s hard work, being kind to yourself, but the best, most important things always are the most difficult 🙂 xx

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