Blogmas: The Prelude!

Hey Hey Guys!!


So this year I am doing a version of Blogmas! 😀 YAY! And by “a version of”, I mean I am going to do a post every other day. I have a lot on, with it being the run up to Christmas (the most stressful time of the bloody year!!) and also I am heading off to the Lake District with my family towards the end of the month (DUN DUN DUN!!!!! Spending time with my family generally means that there will be much judging of my life choices and stress induced alcohol consumption) so I am going to be done with the internet as of Christmas, until New Year.

Keep thy eyes peeled for nail tutorials, radio show updates and make-up tutorials (hopefully! I keep saying I’m going to do make-up tutorials yet I never quite seem to get round to it…) and COFFEE!! I rarely go for a Christmas coffee, being lactose intolerant, they are usually super creamy and not all the ingredients can be substituted for soy equivalents. Also, creamy shit = gross! 😛

I absolutely LOVE Christmas Nail Art and I am planning on spending a lot of time doing my nails this month 🙂 I also have a few nights out planned (post 1 shall be about a BALL I went to the other day! Yes, an actual ball, SCOTTISH STYLE).

So, I guess I’ll see you in Blogmas!! 😀



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