Tess Holliday – Big, Bold, Beautiful. Plus Size Is On the Rise!

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Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday

Big things are happening in the fashion industry. Tess Holliday is one of them.

The bootilicious beauty from Mississippi is making history as being the first size 22 model to be picked up by a major label, UK based company, Milk Model Management.

Tattooed, pierced and rocking a little more junk in the trunk than your bog standard clothes horse, Holliday is breaking all the rules and breaking onto the scene in a big way.


“Bigger is better…”

This is certainly true for the humble, 29 year old mother of one from Mississippi. Not only is Holliday stunning, but the alternative model is making waves as a campaigner for change in the fashion industry and for beauty standards in general.


In 2003 she created #effyourbeautystandards encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to love their bodies and feel empowered by their individuality. It has gathered her an impressive 455,000 admirers on Instagram and almost 28,000 Twitter followers, where she posts behind the scenes shots of her on shoots, as well daily fashion snaps.



Suicide Girls are an alternative models website and founder Selena Mooney rates Holliday’s future. “I’ve been following the #effyourbeautystandards movement for a while now, and I think it’s fantastic. Women have been put into boxes and made to feel ashamed if they don’t meet this specific cookie-cutter look that society dictates. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.  I’m just glad there are strong, intelligent, and gorgeous women like Ms. Holliday to influence and encourage society to break the mould and get people talking about female empowerment.”

After so long pandering to the obscene and regimented standards of most fashion houses, Holliday is presenting an alternative – a realistic, alternative.

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Critics have suggested that, far from being a positive representation of the female form, she is encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle with her size. But this is far from the truth, as Holliday works out with a trainer three times a week to maintain her glamorous curves.

With her flowing auburn hair, she looks reminiscent of a model from the Romantic period. Though her body confidence is something that has grown with time, much like the booty that is making her so worshipped now.

She told Look magazine, “I had to leave school at 17 because of bullying. I understand not everyone understands what I’m about. But to me it’s such a simple concept. It’s all about loving your body regardless of your size and chasing your dreams.”

Speaking to the Daily New York News she spoke of the struggles of her childhood. “I feel like I’m breaking ground. I never could have imagined that I could be here. It took a really long time to get over things that had happened to me during the vital years of my life. My mom always encouraged me, I’m always still that 13-year-old girl in Mississippi who people told I wasn’t good enough. I never could have imagined that I could be here.”

Tess is not only a great addition to the fashion industry as a model, but an inspiration as a role model. Real-world body types are grossly misrepresented in high fashion, television, advertising… Where is the variety? There is an increasing level of discourse between the pictures seen in magazines and the reality of life. An average UK woman is a size 16, yet models are generally an 8-10.


It is becoming more and more difficult for females to accept themselves when being constantly told they are not “right”. For this reason, we need more pioneers, more strong minded, self-respecting role models to look up to.

The 5 foot 5″ babe is several inches smaller than the average plus size model, who generally stand at 5 foot 8″, making her yet more unique. Milk have been keeping quiet about what their plans are for their new star, but we can certainly expect to see those ruby locks a lot more in the near future.

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We aren’t all Victoria’s Secret models. Few of us can even afford to shop there and their gym bill must be more than rent in halls! But we can aspire to the mind-set of Holliday; live to make you happy. Screw what other people think and if they give you crap for it – show them one of Tess Hollidays’ super sexy, uber confident Instagram pics, with their sassy tags and F**k the haters mantras.


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The World’s Largest Ball of Wool and Getting Crafty

Hey Hey Guys!

I took a little trip this afternoon with a friend of mine, her mum, gran and pup pup (miniature schnowzer, Kiwi; I hate dogs but that little thing is a darling). We just got in the car and said, “So, where do you want to go today?”

The fact that we just took off, drove in a direction with the vague intention of locating a coffee somewhere picturesque was so… freeing.

I’m usually that super uptight cretin that has to know exactly when we are meeting and exactly who will be there and exactly how close a blood relative of yours was dying that meant that you were 6 and a half minutes late… Sorry, friends… But it was a lazy Saturday. Sure it was grey outside but we had 4 wheels and a radio. The country roads of coastal Scotland are a heaven for those with itchy feet but no intention of really going anywhere. One of the things I love about where I live is that you can simply drive to the middle of nowhere, take in the scenery and call it being somewhere.

We ended up in a little pocket of creativity known as West Kilbride; a hub of arts and crafts and apparently Scotlands’s official craft town! Who knew! We’re all knitters and chrocheters, but now we have been inspired to take up peddaling and spinning yarn on looms and… pretending to be Sleeping Beauty or something… I dunno, but it was a lovely place anyway.



There was a gorgeous wool shop in town. We were drawn to it by the MASSIVE BALL OF COLOURED WOOL hanging outside the door. It was just… interesting, and a little bizarre. It tickled my funny bone so I took a pic and inside, was greeted with some of the softest wool I’ve ever felt, made from Alpaca! Can you say luxurious!? Clothing made out of that would be like getting stroked by… well, I’ll let you fill in the blank there 😉

Georgeous Antique clock

Georgeous Antique clock

Eventually we found our coffee and cakes in a cafe in Sea Mill. It seemed to literally pop up at the side of a road with nothing for miles in any direction. It simply seemed to be there and expect people to find it. Which they did. Considering we never passed any houses, the place was a pleasantly bustling little heaven from the biting cold wind blowing off the salty Clyde. Nothing like a crisp breeze and the lure of mediocre coffee to drive you off the road.

Well, that was my Saturday. Til next week! (When I am predicting I’m going to need a serious sleep coz it will be at the end of my first week back at Uni…)

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Recent Posts on the Products of Creativity

Recent Posts

I know recently I haven’t been posting as many things to do with my deep and interesting inner ponderings ( 😉 ) but I have more in the pipeline, never fear.

I also realise that there have been several articles that seem to highlight the abilities of other people, especially where the construction of shiny things (ie. jewellery) is concerned.

That’s because I noticed that life has seen fit of late to gift me with a whole host of wonderful creative people, whose skills have literally been dropped into my lap. I am finding more and more that I appreciate the talent and time it takes to craft an item, especially a custom one. Some things take a little extra effort to make, like diamonds, they cannot be rushed, yet it is clear that the end result will be magnificent.

The Future of Awesome

So I’ve decided to feature some of these lovelies on my blog. You super-special-awesome folk that read it make my day with every view and every comment. So, in exchange for this buzz, I will give you a series of folks who have talent of a rare kind. People who have taken an idea, a thought, a design, a passion and crafted it, cultivated it into something real and malleable. Something you can hold in your hands and have and cherish. A product.

You can call it advertising or you can call it promotion or you can call it sharing. I don’t particularly care. But know that I will never ever show you anything I don’t personally find inspiring or that I don’t feel passionaltely deserves to be seen by as many people as will pay attention. There are so many small businesses that just do not get the acknowledgement or oomph that they so need and deserve.

So settle down and read away, for coming soon you will be gifted by a veritable mine of all manner of goodies for your perusal and admiration.




The Tattoo May Being Going On My Ankle, But It Was Designed In My Heart

The time is finally nigh… THE TATTOO HAS BEEN DESIGNED!!!!!

And now my big decision is where to get inked.

Those of you who have  been following this blog for a while will know that for a long time I have wanted a tattoo. I’m not one of those people who’ll get inked for the hell of it. I’m too indecisive for that. A week in and i’d be sick of the sight of it and probably try and peel off my skin to “correct” the mistake. Or even just to give me another patch of skin to re-decide on another tat… then regret it and try again… … …

Basically I’ve planned designs that are going to be meaningful to me, each and every stroke of it layered with significance and memory. I can’t wait to see them all on me, to look at a place on my body and be able to feel that rush of understanding and remember what, and who, I got them for.

I guess it’s that and a combination of the art of the thing. On paper or on the computer you can erase, start again, re-do, edit. On skin, you get one shot and that’s it. Screw it up – too bad, you blew it. And there are people who do this for a living – they have to do this all day every day and never make a mistake! At least, be damn confident of your ability to cover it up before the client notices!


So now I find myself in the position of having a design. I have the money. I even have two artists lined up. The question is; where to go??

Otzi Tattoo’s is one of Glasgows finest tattoo parlours. I’ve been admiring their work for about a year and a half now, on Facebook and on their website. They are not just tattooists – they are Master Creators! Innovators of Design! Craftspeople of the Highest Order!

Check them out then let me know what you think!




The Littlest Things Can Bring You Comfort And Keep You Same

The Littlest Things Can Bring You Comfort And Keep You Same

The little things you wear that can mean the most.

For example, whenever I am doing something that makes me nervous or that i need courage for, I wear the guardian angel pin my mum gave me about 9 years ago. One of the gems is missing, but I’ve worn it through every important even in my life since then and while i’m not a religious person, I am quite spiritual and it has given me comfort.

I have no idea where that gem fell off, but to me, it’s imperfection is a form of it’s perfection. It’s a little like me, a little like mum. A bit dog-eared, ever-so-slightly worse for wear yet still shining on through stubbornly, that remaining jewel apparently impervious to the elements that claimed it’s brother.

A touch to that in a nervous moment and a calm enters me. Just a tiny bit. But, it is something of an ancestral calm, something ancient and strong.

Either that or I have a really vivid imagination, either one’s a possibility to be honest.

A friend gifted me a stunning necklace in thanks for helping her in her darkest hour.

and WITHIN, behold the loveliness!! :D

and WITHIN, behold the loveliness!! 😀

The necklace is from Linda Macdonald, whose website I have linked you to.

Such a beautiful gift means so much to me and I’ve had so many compliments on it. I’m known among my friends for loving jewellery and my mum is a great collector of very, very expensive rings. Not in an obnoxious way, just on very special occasions she gets a new one. Like her 40th50th 25th Wedding Anniversary. She says;

“…when it’s a special occasion you dad asks me what I want and I always say a ring. It doesn’t mean I like it any more or any less, but when I look at a ring I like that I can tell you the history behind it. I like a wee bit of history behind them. Just for me. It helps keep the memories…”

I’m a sentimentalist. Every time I wear the necklace (which has become every day, more or less) I put it back in the padded pink box then back in the lacy drawstring bag. There’s nothing I love more than a well packaged gift; it makes the contents seem all the more special. Some would call it superfluous – I call it attention to detail.

I looked up the lady who designed it, because I was curious and oh my goodness she’s so talented!! Totally deserved the award. I may invest in another item, sooooo many to choose from!



Creative Coffee

coffee tattoo!!

Tattoos and coffee… what do they have in common?

Well, thanks to one creative barista, they are now both a physical part them – as they have recreated their tattoo design in their coffee froth!

I have been entertaining my coffee addiction by investigation the wonderful world of “creative coffee”. Facebook is a veritable gold mine for this kind of thing 😀

Now, I would love to think that they created the design on the coffee then thought, hey you know what would make a great tattoo… but something tell me that may be wishful thinking 😉  It would certainly be an interesting tale to tell your tattoo artist. Interesting reference for the pic as well 😀 I wonder what they would say if you turned up and handed them a cup of coffee saying here, draw this on me oh talented ink bearing person! 😀

This was just something that pooped up on my Facebook page from Fixx Coffee and thought was pretty cool. Combining two of my favourite things – art and COFFEE – seemed like something I should share with all you lovely people. I have no idea what the story behind the tat or the design is.

Fixx Coffee are currently running a competition (which you can enter HERE), into which this picture was entered, inviting you to “showcase your coffee art creations and take center stage“, the winner being featured on the Fixx Coffee Facebook page as well as receiving cash prizes. Not bad for a bunch of caffeine freaks, right? 😉