I’m Not Ashamed of Periods, But…


Hey Hey Guys!!

So this is a little left of centre for me, but I’m going to talk about… Periods.

Not like the ones you have in schools (though if you are a high school girl, then those too!). No, I’m talking about the monthly menstrual cycle of a woman.

This is a 100% natural thing, necessary for pro-creation and there is NOTHING to be ashamed of about them. Nothing at all.


I recently read an article in HelloGiggles, a site I am a big fan of for their empowering, female-centric articles. They speak to their reader like a friend, like a sister. They give a platform for women to scream HELL YEAH about woman’s issues and that’s great! BIG fan of female empowerment.


This article… It’s gone viral so you might have seen it. I just can’t agree whole-heartedly with it. I am in no way saying that the writer was wrong in what she was saying, not at all. Just that I personally am just not in agreement. She basically says that she bled through her pad, which is something pretty much all women have done, but she seems pissed off that people offered to help her, or told her that she might want to hide the stain, perhaps until she got home.

And this is where I disagree with her. She seemed annoyed that it was said to her in hushed tones, that she was looked at by people who spotted the stain. But I understand. If I were in her position, I would have tried to cover the mark. I would have accepted the pad from the stranger. I wouldn’t be ashamed of being a woman, not at all it happens to almost all of us. But can you really blame people for trying to help her to cover up blood? If you saw someone with a nosebleed in the street, surely you would offer them a hankie? Is this not a similar situation? It’s a matter of personal care. I’m not exactly the finest dressed of folk, but I do try to take at least a little care, and going out covered in blood seems to be the opposite of that.

That’s not to say that we need to look like we’re off to a ball every day of the week, just that maybe being covered in blood is taking “zero fuck’s given” a little too far.

Men are infinitely immature a lot of the time and those men that were staring aren’t worth dealing with. I admire her for putting it out there, but I do find this whole thing a little aggressive. I would have accepted the help and left it at that.

I want to conclude by saying that the girl totally has my respect and admiration for broadcasting the fact that this does happen, it’s natural and if you care, you are an idiot. I’m just saying that maybe she misinterpreted the offers of a pad as shame, when they were really meant as an aid to modesty and as a kind gesture. Just saying.



Just a little feat of dessert engineering…

While surfing the net, I stumbled across this mammoth feat of Princess engineering. The page is in Spanish but has an English translation. I thought this persons efforts deserved a little admiration.

So go, fawn over their hard work and attention to detail and lament the fact that none of us are, in fact, Disney Princesses **sniff sniff** **takes off tiara** **puts back on hoody**



T-ara Contoversy

On the 30th July news broke that T-ara member Hwayoung would be leaving the band, effective immediately.

The news came as an utter shock to thousands of fans, as the girls have only recently been embarking on promotions for Haru Haru. The girls popularity had been at an all time peak with their music charting well and successful runs in television programmes.

Yet controversy has struck again for these girls as the reason for Hwayoung’s sudden departure was revealed – bullying.

She has allegedly been the victim of bullying for her (now former) bandmates and has suffered to the point that her agency, CCM, agreed it was time for her to go.

The story has progressed further. Following a deluge of negative feedback directed at CCM, they released further statements claiming that, not only was the decision to terminate her contract was not solely the fault of her members actions, but her own – apparently Hwayoung has become too big for her boots and had become arrogant, which was another contributing factor. One might have expected that joining late into an already established group would be an advantage; but oh no, this seems to have been part of the problem.

My reason for posting this is to condemn the actions of the agency and her bandmates. It is not to troll on any specific people, however, so not hate, please.

At just 18 years old, this talented, beautiful musicians’ career is being put on halt and it appears to be because her supposed friends and colleagues, saw her as an easy target. In a professional  environment, this is utterly unacceptable.

From all of the stories and footage emerging to back the bullying claims, including one eyewitness saying they saw member Eunjung slapping Hwayoung, it begs the question as to why they did not release the version of her becoming too arrogant, first. So, you allow the release of a story that completely decimates the reputation of several of your most valued employees, then suddenly the game changes and it was actually all her own fault.

Yeah. Coz that sounds totally legit.

Everything about the situation is just a disaster. Were it all true, then her agency should have disciplined her and corrected her attitude or fired her and have this version released first. It would have limited the damage to the entire groups reputation instead of this mess of a fiasco.


KPOP is synonymous with a wholesome, butter wouldn’t melt image, generally, but I do not personally know even one person who has been taken in by all that. There have been too many suspicious reports of mistreatment, quickly quelled whispers of dire working conditions and the odd, highly public, deeply embarrassing lawsuits for big companies, regarding “slave contracts”. The public are not so naive as the industry would like.

It seems that everyone is aware of the secret black heart of KPOP and yet are willing to get involved with it anyway. The legions of screaming, obsessive fans would indicate that they are practically foaming at the perfectly sculpted mouths to be a part of it!

Creating a group so large (they have 7 members) may have worked with the nine-strong Girls Generation, but appears to have been less successful here. T-ara have always been plagued by controversy, making headlines as often for their “mistakes” as their merits, from that concept to those outfits.

All this raises the concern of how many other bands are hiding the cracks under public displays or sugar-coated friendship? Will this incident open a crevasse into which other members shall fall? It would not be the first time such a domino effect was created in the fall-out of scandal. Once Pandora’s Box has been opened, it is very difficult to close again…

We can only hope that those suffering tyranny instead of savoring success find freedom and that those whose sibling-like relationship is real stay strong in this latest unveiling of KPOP sham.



Super Junior are Still Super Seniors

The Sm Entertainment manband are topping charts only two weeks into their comeback.

I had orginally planned a different entry to come nexy but after reading a couple of articles today I couldn’t resist -I have to congratulate Super Junior on their comeback so far.

Despite an unspoken doubt hanging over whether they would be able to compete with the increasingly youthful competition, Super Junior have pulled it oput the bag in record time. Returning just two weeks ago with smooth dance-electronic track Sexy, Free & Single, they have beaten off big dog girl group T-ara‘s Day by Day to win on KBS ‘Music Bank’.

Making a comeback today on the show was soloist NS Yoon Ji, girl group GLAMc-clown and B.A.P.

B.A.P are an interesting one who I’ve supported since their INCREDIBLE debut with Warrior. Not only was it one of the best debut songs I’ve ever heard, and certainly one of the most impressive I’ve heard recently, I was dumbstruck to discover that (at the time of their first appearance on the scene) was of them was only 15 years old! Not only that, but he was one of the co-choreographers and wrote some of the rap lyrics! The kid has mad rapping skills and a really unique voice; keep an eye on him, as well as the other members. I’ll do a full entry on them for you guys later, I’m getting w bit side-tracked here 😀

So. Super Junior. Yes, excellent. … Where was I again…

So despite some heavy hitters being in the running, these boys are proving that they are more than with their salt and deserve their esteemed place in the SM trophy cabinet.

With the recent successes of SHINee’s Sherlock and F(x)’s Electic Shock, as well as BoA‘s imminent comeback (yeah you heard me, haven’t you been listening to the web whispers??), all ontop of the countess awards SM‘s artists have already accumulated, I’m betting that cabinet is more of a spacious room by now! Or perhaps a small shed… maybe not even that small a shed… with a seperate wing, just for Girls Generation

The interesting thing now will be to see if they can fend of the feisty ladies of 2NE1, who have already begun promotions for dance ballad I Love You and have already topped all the charts SJ haven’t managed to cling onto.

Even moreinteresting, will be seeing how they fair against – wait for it… the mighty G-Dragon!! Ohhhhh yeah, GD himself is making a reappearance soon promoting solo material, following the success of album Alive, with BIGBANG.

All in all, it’s an interesting time to be caught in a chart battle. You’ve got the sweetness of T-ara, the rockin’ indiviuals of 2NE1, suave Super Junior, and to top it off, the promise of returning big hitters. Add some shockingly talented newbies and I would say we have a very exciting few weeks in store.

(Yo! I got a full list of performances at KBS ‘Music Bank’ performances for ya, right HERE)


… And here are some music vids. Now, don’t say I’m not good to you… 😛

Product Review – Percy and Reid Finishing Polish

Percy and Reid Finishing Polish

Percy and Reed Finishing Polish

This is not a sponsored entry and I am not trying to sell you anything so don’t worry. (though, guys or associate ad companies, if you wana sling a little cash my way, I wouldn’t say no! 😉 ) But I came across this product and I think it’s something that women might find useful. (and men too, not to be sexist here it’s just that the product is aimed more at women 🙂 )

I came across Percy and Reid Finishing Polish when I got it free in GLAMOUR actually. A full sized bottle of it which I thought was pretty good considering it would have been £4 (trial size 50ml) or £10 (full size 125ml) if I had bought it myself. I bought the glossy thing for the cover star, Jennifer Lawrence in order to pay heed to my love of Hunger Games (movie, released date March 23rd if you’re interested, which in my opinion, you all should be, if you haven’t already seen it, shame on you)

Which brings me back from my tangent and onto the product. So. Finishing Polish.

For the less than totally absorbed by all things beauty, you are not alone – I had never heard of Finishing Polish either. But after using this product every time I have washed my hair since I got it, I wish I had found it sooner.

It says on the back that it should give you “a soft, flexible hold” in amongst a whole load of crap about chestnuts and flowers. What it really does is act like some sort of styling gel/straightener/hairspray hybrid. As an asthmatic, anything that acts as a replacement to the foul-smelling aerosol spray cans we are so often subjected to nowadays is an improvement.

As someone with very long, fine hair that falls flat on its straggly ends (to the dismay of many a hairdresser), I was sceptical about how effective this was actually going to be. Nothing has ever really worked for longer than five minutes before, why should this be any different?

Using a pea sized amount rubbed between the palms of my hands I ran it all through my hair – a little goes a long way, but if you would prefer a stronger hold or have thicker hair you could use a little bit more. At first I was a little concerned because it left it saturated with a hard, sticky residue that just made my hair look greasy, but that was completely absorbed within a couple of minutes. My hair was left looking and feeling smooth and straight and shiny. This was enhanced even further once I ran it over with straighteners. After that it felt smooth and strong, the product did not weigh the hair down, and there was no visible evidence of it.

(BubzBeauty on YouTube shows you how to curl your hair in 5 minutes – for those of you who have not got the patience for anything that takes any longer : D )

Plus, it smells really good! Kind of like tangy flowers, a little citrusy, spring with a kick or summer at a festival. The scent is strong enough that you notice the change, but it is pleasant and I have had people comment that my hair smelled really nice. It took me a few whiffs to really get used to it though because it seems at first to have a chemically undercurrent, but after you let your nose adjust that goes away.

Suitable for at least four hair types but I couldn’t comment further, as that is the extent of my research so far – oily hair, damaged or brittle hair, can be used also on older, dry hair types and even on dyed hair.

Another benefit is it lasting effect. After using it you can expect straight hair for at least two days, depending on how often you wash your hair. I usually do every day but I found that it also works like dry shampoo.

I tried it before curling rather than straightening and while it did last for a while, it didn’t hold indefinitely. Hairspray would be your friend there I think, but as I said before, my hair rarely holds style so for it to last me until I got to the bus stop was an achievement!

(UPDATE – I used it recently before doing my hair for a wedding, curling it and pinning it half up and it actually held for quite a long time, even without hairspray. It didn’t last through the dancing but with a bit of hairspray, maybe.)

At £4.00 this item is definitely value for money and quality. As you use so little each time I would guess it to last for several months, even with regular use. The only issue is that it is only available from a few outlets other than their own website such as the chain fashion store Selfriges and the online store ASOS.com and not available from regular make-up stores or pharmacies, but if you look online there is a page on their website that shows you all the places you can get it or buy it online.

It made my hair so super shiny and straight and glossy and wonderful it is so fabulous go out and get it RIGHT NOW!!



It’s Not All Doom and Gloom for KPOP Body Image

**This is a piece I wrote about a month ago, sorry it’s a tiny bit outdated, but I don’t feel it really makes a difference. Enjoy! :)**

There may be hope for the KPOP body image after all – but it’s a Secret!

I previously commented (extensively) how disgustingly thin some Hallyu stars are. Well Now I’m going to flip the coin.

That’s right, despite my rhetoric; there is a positive side to that argument! Amazing, I know.

As I said before, not every female in the industry is invisible side-on. There are those who are of a more voluptuous persuasion or at the very least, bear some semblance of a human figure.

Now I’m not back-tracking entirely – there are still a shocking number of women I feel are falsely representing beauty – but, credit where credit is due.



SECRET, another girl band, is one of the few exceptions in a weight loss obsessed culture. They are all voluptuous girls, with real curves to be proud of, at a healthy weight. They have had some plastic surgery, but when they look that confident and sexy, in complete contrast with their peers, who cares!?

They have, of course, got one that might be considered “the thin one”, but surprisingly, when she was young, she was far from the glamorous svelte form she boasts now. She was a tubby youngster, but after setting out to become a pop star she decided to start eating right and exercising regularly, and look at her now – stunning, slim and best of all, healthy.



To be honest, this is a bit of a disappointment to me. I don’t think she will take it too far in order to be in line with rivals such as T-ara and Kara, but I was proud of her for being just that tiny bit larger than the other girls. It suited her bubbly personality and allowed her to be coined “The Korean Beyonce”, thanks largely to her impressive curves.

She was one of those girls who not only pulled off curvy, she owned it! With an hourglass figure she had the sort of body I envied, and wished I had the confidence and physique to pull it off with such style.

At 8 ½ stone, she was hardly big at any rate! In terms of Body Mass Index (BMI), the scale used to measure if a person is a healthy weight, that would place her exactly within her healthy margin in accordance with her height. But now she is endeavouring to slim down her thighs and cheeks. The question now is whether she will still be able to pull off those super sexy dance moves with the same flavour.

The rapper of their group Zinger, was told at one point that she was too fat and had to lose weight. And would you know it – she refused! She stood true to her curvy form and said no! She looks fantastic, a little powerhouse with boobs and a bum and sas and an attitude to match. She too is very tiny so her explosive personality would be out-of-place in some stick thin wisp of a woman. Besides, could you really take some cocktail stick seriously if she was spitting rhymes?

So here I have a little message for SECRET (as if they are actually ever going to read this – especially since I’m pretty sure none of them can read or speak English lol)

Basically what I’m saying is, SECRET, you all look fantastic, you are all gorgeous women and if there were more with your confidence to pull of the “real women” look, the world would be a better place. You are an inspiration to women who want to accept their shapes regardless of external pressures and simply be comfortable with themselves. Women are not all perfect mannequin shapes, and to maintain such a figure takes an unrealistic effort. Keep doing what you’re doing and I look forward to seeing what you come out with next.