Studying in Barcelona – Part 1 – ANTICIPATION

SO I spent the past couple of months studying in BARCELONA – y’know, just casually, no big 😉

And I thought I would share my experiences here. I haven’t got a set number so I’m just going to be posting them as they come to me. This first one was actually published on the wonderful site of Soapbox Press, who kindly let me write a few articles about my travels. So here it is, the first post about my adventures in Spain – ENJOY!

Also, check out Soapbox Press! 😀

This was 5 minutes from my flat. For real

This was 5 minutes from my flat. For real

Growing up and growing old come with a myriad of choices and expectations. And I  am going to be delivering you with a series of articles about how some of these choices have affected me.

Towards the end of high school you have to decide when to leave school; whether to go to University or college or just to get a job and work your way up; if you go on to further education, where and to study what; if you should move out; if that thing with that guy was just a party thing or if he’s actually the one… the new responsibilities are endless and the choices you make now can affect your entire life.

I am in my 3rd year of a Multimedia Journalism course at Glasgow Caledonian University. I decided to take a deviation of the academic route by going to University (the “academic” thing) but doing a degree that would allow me to be be creative as well as learn (the “artistic” route).

Since I was 15 years old, I was determined that I would make it to University. I had always been a hard worker and my grades were good. But I knew that the competition for a subject such as journalism was fierce, so I got my hand into as much freelance and work experience as I could and when crunch time came – I made the cut! From 800 applicants, I was one of the lucky 36 to be accepted.

A huge part of picking your University id working out if the options it offers are right for you. What services and opportunities will it provide to get you where you want to be, and if you are not sure yet (as so few 16-20 year olds do) then what can they suggest to you that might help guide you onto a path.

What attracted me to GCU was the chance to travel abroad in the third year. And, after five years hard graft, I am headed to Barcelona!

But it hasn’t all been plain sailing. The process has not quite been everything I dreamed it would be.

My fanciful teenage mind had romanticised the whole process. Over the years of anticipating this event, I had not thought about the landmine of paperwork, red tape regarding funding, ‘I’s to be dotted, ‘t’s to be crossed, meetings and consultations to be had, more e-mails than the internet can surely handle, sent across two countries and endless arguing with faceless officials who’s job seems purely to put up as many road blocks as possible. Whew! It’s exhausting even to think about.

But as of Tuesday 9th of September, I am off to Barcelona. The flat is booked, the room mates and I are ready to move in and, on Friday 5th of September – I am still not packed. But I will be, when the time comes.

To conclude this first piece, my main comments are these.

It has been a long, hard road to get to this stage. I have had to work extremely hard to get to this point, overcoming personal struggles as well as fighting off competition to be able to get here. It will be fun, right?

I certainly hope so, because seeing as this is my first time with responsibility for my own place, and I have to live with two boys for the next four months, I am terrified!



Hey! Guess Who’s Back??

Hey troops! Long time no write!

I have been somewhat (ok, COMPLETELY) absent from the blogging scene for a long time. I just felt that nothing I had to say was important anymore. That hasn’t so much changed, as I feel like I’ve been on a journey. I’ve had adventures and I want to share them once again. I have still been writing, but not here, and I have missed the community. So, here we go again bitches!!

A quick catch up on where I’ve been at.

Since last year I have been travelling, I have been at Uni, I have made friends and lost friends and I have been on the 2nd biggest, 2nd most terrifying journey of my life. I went to live in BARCELONA for a semester. I actually just got back a week before Christmas so I’m still adapting to the CRAP Scottish weather XD But that’s ok, I have Scotland in my blood, I might not like it but the belligerent highlander in will get me through.

So, get ready for tales of sunny Barca and news of my adventures. I’m planning on making some review post and the like but at the moment i’m really thinking i’m just going to wing it and see how it goes.

So I hope you will join me on my wee blog and I hope you enjoy whatever trial nonsense I post here. I will leave you with this astonishing piece of trivia:

Snakes have 2 penises but only use 1 at a time!

You’re welcome.


You Can Now Drink Socially Over the Internet??

We’ve all been there. It’s been a long day, you’ve been at work/uni/generally out living your day-to-day life. You get home and you’re tired. You think, I really want a wee drink but… I’m on my own…

So you crack open that cheeky wee bottle of wine you keep stashed in that cupboard you never use, or pour a spirit from an already open bottle and never tell another soul. 

Because you are afraid they will judge you. But drinking in moderation is not a bad thing and it is an almost inevitable thing if you are a student. Furthermore, there is well documented evidence that a glass of red wine on occasion can actually improve your health.

cheers! 😀

But, by then end of the night the wine bottle is empty, the glass forgotten a long time ago and the measures have become “generous” to say the least. 

We’ve all been there. Drinking alone even when you feel you should be with at least one other person to make it socially acceptable. And let’s face it, if you are still unlucky enough to be living with your parents, they just don’t count. We feel guilty about drinking alone because alcohol is something that the majority of us consume in social situations, rather than as a general rule. Few return home and immediately hit the booze. Instead, it’s more likely to be a glass of coke or water or a cup of tea or (my personal favourite – read my entries on Lent) coffee.

But now, it has become possible to drink socially, in your own home, on your own. 

Paradox, I hear you say?

Well no, actually. The internet has become saturated with a whole host of social media, from Facebook and Twitter, to SpillIt and Flickr. All of these allow free interaction between users in ways that are largely text based, rather than face-to-face. Though there are certain options available for actual visible face-to-face contact with services such as Skype, the majority of people do not bother as a rule. It is easier to talk to multiple people at once if you do not have to worry about the person on your screen while you type as well – that is way too much like hard work! It involves having several conversations at once, as well as a combo of typing and speaking; no-one has skills that mad! 

facebook logo

So, I conducted an experiment.

I was talking to a friend via the (less than adequate) messenger service on Facebook and we both happened to mention that we were having a drink – it had been a long day, don’t judge me etc etc – and immediately my attitude changed. I no longer felt like I was doing something tabooed or anti-social. In fact, I felt like I was socialising. It is so strange, but I literally felt like my frame of mind had changed.

I was no longer sitting at my dining room table wrapped in a slanket, half eaten Easter egg on one side, half empty bottle of white on the other. I was down the pub in a smart/casual t-shirt, half pissed regular on one side, half empty glass of white on the other. Same result, different beginning – late to bed, wake-up wondering why I smell of fermented grapes and trying to remember that hilarious thing my friend had been saying last night. 

So, while I do not condone drinking early in the day unless it’s for a good reason – it is a slippery slop, friends – I do think that, if you are in need of a little bit of relaxation without the hassle of getting ready and going out, then the answer has arrived! 

It sounds extremely sad, to be drinking alone, because our societal understandings and conducts have labelled it in such a way, but if you are talking to people who are doing the exact same thing as you, then… what’s the harm? You feel like a little less of a loner and you stop stressing and have a few laughs? All this from the comfort of your own home. Of course, that is so terrible… (you can’t hear sarcasm via text, but give it a go in you’re head. Make it in a Scottish accent as well, that’ll help with the sentiment 😉 ) 

Please be aware that I am writing this immediately after finishing aforementioned conversation with like-wise solo drinking friend. Oh no, I’m sorry, she was not solo drinking – I was right there with her…

Cheers! 😀

Me at New Year - just thought this might amuse you since there are no pictures of me drinking in a blanket...

Me at New Year - just thought this might amuse you since there are no pictures of me drinking in a blanket...