We Can’t Handle the Truth?

So, people can’t handle the truth? Really? Let’s investigate that, shall we??

Wise words, my good man, wise indeed...

Wise words, my good man, wise indeed…

People can handle the truth. People are designed to be able to handle anything life cares to throw at them. The question is, are they ready at the time to handle what’s being thrown at them.

There comes trying times in everyone’s lives and it is how we deal with challenges that form, not only our futures, but how we see ourselves as competent individuals, and how others judge us according to their own standards. Fair? Probably not, but that’s the way it is. People judge themselves more harshly than anyone else ever could. We are all our own harshest critic.

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And who’s to say that just feeling good about your decisions is enough to convince the world? The world doesn’t know your motivation. Doing something you deem admirable might make you feel good, but can you be assured that Joe Bloggs passing by will know the strength it took to achieve a thing they might see as trivial? That’s the hidden challenge of the equation – you are not only faced with your own moral dilemma, you are faced with having to accept the assessment of others, regarding how you handled it. And resist the urge to wrap you hands around their throats if they disagree with you.

Yet, the biggest struggle can be when your head is so full of other stuff that you cannot see that all important truth. It is now that someone else must be employed to help you see what your occluded mind won’t let you.

you have the truth in the palm of your hand, the question is, can you find it??

you have the truth in the palm of your hand, the question is, can you find it??

We’ve all had the feeling; that almost deja vu like sense that something is missing, something is just not right. That feeling stops us seeing what’s really there. Hallucination is maybe too strong a term, but certainly, there is a cloud there. A veil, preventing the truth from being revealed to our desperately seeking minds eye. Does that mean we’re not “ready” to understand? Not necessarily. And that should be the decision of the individual. It shouldn’t be left to another to decide whether gently patronised is a better temperament than fully informed. Perhaps that individual who cannot see is not looking for pity, or sympathy, or compliments, or naive reassurance. Perhaps they are asking, pleading for help. Wanting another to act as their eyes in a time when sight evades them.

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Key to finding that all important truth in our lives is simple. To get into our own heads, we must first get out of them.

“…a simple trip to the beach can be all it takes to clear out heads and open out hearts, and write a new ending to an old story…”

We first have to want to get help.

“…there are those who got burned by the heat. they just want to forget and start over… while there are others who want this moment to last forever…”

But in the end, isn’t fact, better than fiction? No matter how bad life gets, it is never the best option to live in a fantasy, especially not one of ones own creation. As comfortable as you dream world may be, as easy and safe as you self-imposed bubble may appear, remember; your head knows all the pitfalls. There is no hiding in a land born solely from our imagination. Sure, it may seem to be a haven bathed in golden light and peace and only simple, easy explanations for everything, but – if the sun can shine in such a place, then that sun can cast shadows. And, given enough time, they will find you.

“…tans fade, highlights go dark and we all get sick of sand in our shoes… so we find ourselves looking to the future…”

It takes bravery to admit any truth. Let’s not forget that.





Christmas!? C’mon People, It’s Only September!


I was walking through the centre of a very busy shopping mall yesterday and had to do a double-take – was the heat from all the people getting to me or was I trippin’!?


No, I though, it’s not that crowded and actually I’m quite cold.

But Santa?!

No, I told myself, there is no way on earth I could be trippin’, not unless the cigarette being puffed by that busker I passed outside was one of those “suspicious” cigs…

… but but but but but- BUT SANTA!!

It was then that I had to finally accept. Proudly declaring his presence from one of those stalls in the middle of a mall walkway was a giant sack, shaped like that bearded devil Father Christmas.

My stomach lurched. You see it once, and then the signs start popping up everywhere, A few boxes of cards here, the odd plastic tree there, baubles of various colours on shelves previously occupied by sunglasses.

Not to come across as all Scrooge-like on you just yet, but I’m no great fan of Christmas and I’ve never made any secret of that. But you see, Christmas and I have an understanding. And that understanding is that I suffer through its overwhelming presence over the end of the year; then it buggers off for 10 months (I let it have November as well as December so people can, y’know, bask in the Christmas spirit and whatnot, I’m not a total meanie).

But you see, this year, Christmas seems to be under new management, and clearly that management has not been informed of its place – primarily, not in my line of sight for another three months at least!

And it is only just the beginning of September, who is to say that stall hasn’t been there for weeks! I wouldn’t know, I’ve not been there for a while! The traitor!

So I’m putting it to you here and now; do you, or do you not feel that even the most hardened cracker-pulling, turkey munching, snow-loving, reindeer petting, Santa worshipping disciple of the Christmas spirit, should be having a difficult time stomaching this level of devotion to a single, solitary day, that won’t be happening for another 4 months?

Not only that, there are other events to revel in that require sufficient shop decorating space to be called a “holiday” before (dreaded) December 25th. Halloween and bonfire night for a start. What are they going to do with the dear old Santa socks and unnecessary greetings cards when they come around, put them back in storage?

Well I say yes they should because that’s where they belong for now!

Ok, rant over, with the potential for more closer to the appropriate time for them. Ya hear that Elves, that’s what you should be giving the little girls and boys, a calendar, and while you’re at it, ask the Boss Man for one for yourselves so that no-one gets confused.


SSDD – oh no I’m sorry, apparently it should be “Merry Christmas” already!

Weekly Writing Challenge: Never Underestimate the Price of Silence

We should never underestimate the price of silence. Silence is by nature, empty. It is the very most basic, expressionless, non-existent thing known to man.

Or is it??

They say that there is no sound in space, because there is nothing there for the molecules to bounce off of and create the noises that our ears pick up; but rather than making that the most gaping and vacant, miserable expanse of nothingness, I rather think that might make it the most peaceful place I could ever imagine being.

It took Hollywood directors so much effort to find a place of complete silence, that they often refuse to re-create it for each film. That’s right; they buy it from the guy who “recorded” it, sometimes paying thousands for a 30 second clip. Never has there been such a perfect capturing of utter quiet on earth – without totally removing sound, that is.

Because the world in complete mute is unearthly. People do not like to feel that they are alone. Even the sound of your own breathing is enough to make a person feel that there is enough life left that hope still exists.

And yet, achieving the stillness, the motionless existence, the utter suspension of all things around you that make up what in each individuals eye constitutes the correct level of “silence”, is obscenely difficult.

For NASA, nothing less than that place so deep within the heart of SPACE, is silent enough. For Hollywood, there is no more natural nor inimitable a silence than the one found in the desert.

For myself, the perfect silence comes when I am alone in my house. The only sounds are the ones I make. There are no voiced, in this silent domain of mine. There might be the ratt-a-tatt-tat of my fingers as they tap out something like this, or perhaps something for Uni, or a message to a friend. More often, there might be the crisp swish, as a page in a book is turned, a crackle, as the page falls into place on top of its predecessor. There are no voices, in my silence, nor snores, nor televisions blaring nonsense at me.

We all find pockets of solace in different ways. But in order to achieve such peace, one might have to battle long and tragically hard to win over the domain that is; the comfiest seat in the house.

We should never underestimate the price of silence.